Structural design and structural modelling

This specialist field is managed by Josef Taferner, Civil Engineer
This specialist area represents the initial field of interest of Ingenieurteam Bergmeister. Static, and consists in the performing of dynamic and seismic computations of foundations, carrying structures, cladding and facades. The entire structural design is regarded with an appropriate and detailed planning, through the utilization of several materials and technologies, chosen even taking into account of the available resources.
In particular, for each commonly adopted civil engineering material, calculation procedures have been developed according to international standards. The structural analyses are performed recurring to reliable software packages, also taking into account of geometrical and material nonlinearities.

The most important employed engineering materials are:
· Monolithic, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures,
· Steel and composite structures,
· Timber and plywood structures,
· Masonry structures,
· Glass structures,
· Strengthened materials.

With respect to these specialist areas, suitable technical drawings of the constructive elements and detailed construction supervision are developed and offered.